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It is known that management consulting firms characterize more than half of the consulting industry in the world. Most players in the market are either firms that specialise in management consultancy or organisations with a business unit that offer management consulting services.

When we talk about the later, that is organisations with business units that offer management consulting services, it mostly concerns large IT service providers who often deliver the implementation of support to a service or recruitment firms that outspread their recruiting and provisional services with HR advisories or temporary employment agencies who add upscale consulting services to their temp and contracting portfolio.

If we take numbers into consideration, a large part of the market consists of freelancers. These include freelance management consultants who are as active and dynamic as independent advisors or contractors.

What is Management Consulting?

Management consulting is a broad term that inculcates a diverse plethora of disciplines and varies from organisation to organisation based on the capacity of advisory required.

Most companies, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) require a body or person to offer professional advice and help implement services to the top level management of an organisation to ensure effective execution of an organisation’s strategy, improve the business entity’s performance & the operational processes.

How can your company benefit from management consultants?

Management consultants are essential to organisations that need help with the strategic and operational side of things. They can develop new strategies to realise the growth of your organisation by recommending innovative solutions or cutting costs on overhead or manpower. In some cases, management consultants are also required to implement a proposed solution. This is where we step in – we take care of all the activities required to grow your business, be it in the form of strategy or implementation of it.

The assignments can vary – from refining and scaling the efficiency of business processes, implementing tried and tested IT systems to outsourcing non-core tasks and optimising the supply chain of a firm. Generally, management consultants remain involved in decisions and execution of projects until change transitions are complete and fresh or new ways of working have become part of the business operations.
We at SIA do more than just give advice. As a Management consulting firm, we conduct a broad series of activities which range from studying data of your company, proposing solutions to hiring, training, and implementing strategies.

How SIA will add value to your firm?

One way to classify the activities of our services lies in the area of expertise. For instance, some companies specialise in competitive anlaysis, market research, corporate strategy whilst others specialise in human resource or operations. We however, specialise in all services. In practise, our plethora of services act as a convenience to our end customers as it is more efficient and effective. Since the competitive sphere is only growing, organisations prefer consulting firms that offer competitive packages and effective business solutions.

For more information on how we can help your business grow, you can give us a call or connect with us here.


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