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Welcome to SIA Accounting & Auditing

As an accounting and auditing firm since 2016, SIA Accounting & Auditing LLC provides Accounting & Bookkeeping, Audit & Assurance, Tax advice, and Outsourcing services. Our mission is to provide you with superior professional services that will help your business flourish and reach its financial goals. In the client’s complex environment, we understand the challenges your organization faces, the importance of firm decisions, and the urgency of prompt action. The team that represents our company includes qualified accountants, as well as tax advisors, with the ability to prepare, reconcile, analyze and interpret, store and communicate the implications of various financial statements.

We are problem solvers, possess skills to solve any issues, and if the company fails to meet its financial goals we make sudden steps to study and evaluate the client’s business to identify its shortcomings and get the problem solved immediately. As an accounting consultant, we assess each client’s business policies to determine their suitability in order to identify existing accounting policies or establish a new one in a quickly changing environment. When necessary, recommendations for new policies are also advised. In instances, where an accounting information system is already in place, our professional consultant reviews the system to confirm it supports proper financial reporting at all accounting levels. We well know what can and should be done to enable businesses to operate at their maximum. Our professional guidance service covers business in the industrial, trade, or service sector in GCC. The timely service complemented with the quality-oriented attitude and customer-centric approach together equates the firm as the prominent service provider in the UAE. We are experienced, reliable and passionate and friendly accountants provide quality of services in order to grow clients business.


Our Service

Sia Auditors is a top audit firm in UAE specialized in audit, financial advisory, consultancy, product pricing, taxation, and more. We are an independent audit and advisory company that wants to become your one-stop solution to all of the accounting needs in the UAE.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

As part of the accounting process, bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions.

Audit Assurance

Auditing is the process of evaluating the accounting entries contained in the financial statement of a company.

Corporate Outsourcing

In outsourcing, a company hires another company to take over a planned or existing activity that is or could be done internally and sometimes involves the transfer of employees and assets from one company to another.

HR Services

As part of human resources, employers need to track employee hours, administer benefits, manage open enrollment, oversee orientation and training, process payroll and file taxes, and manage retirement plans.

Management Consulting

An organization's performance can be improved by management consulting.

VAT Complaint Accounting

Business entities registered for VAT in UAE must keep a variety of books of accounts and records for a minimum of five years


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