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The Human Resource (HR) department is a nodal body in all organisations as the roles include looking after the well-being of the employees & ensuring a smooth & effective work environment. Some of the key functions of an HR specialist include payroll, hiring, training, and keeping tabs on the local law and regulations related to employment. In a nutshell, the HR team acts as central hub for every business. Studies suggest that organisations with an effective Human Resource team and strategy outperform their competitors as the strategies are well thought out and align with the functions of the business.

With the rise in HR consultancy services in Dubai, many companies favour availing their services than hiring their own team as the HR services are more efficient, effective and most importantly more flexible. So how can a business benefit from outsourcing their HR?

Here is how HR services can help your business

HR services in Dubai are essential if you are looking for flexible and practical employment support. We at SIA consulting offer just that and more. By outsourcing your HR services in Dubai, you expose your company to a wide range of professional services that are not limited to just looking after the company’s payroll, employee benefits or work environment. We also propose practical solutions to help your business sustain by reducing employee turnover.

Why Choose SIA Consulting?

We do more than offer HR Consultancy services in Dubai, we look after a company as if it were our own. Rest assured, we ensure to always stay up-to-date and on our toes about the laws and regulations and make sure only the finest experts offer their expertise to help grown and sustain your organisation. Some of our functions include:

1. Developing HR policies and procedures: SIA consulting is known for its outstanding HR services in Dubai because we manage people effectively. We ensure the right HR policies & procedures are implemented and executed. Our tailor made policies cover all aspects of the employment life-cycle i.e. we take care of everything from recruitment, training, promotions, leave applications, employee records and exit policies. 

Our HR services aren’t limited to that, we also look into define & conceptualise the orient and solutions that best fit the growth of the organisation. Moreover, the team looks into the data of the organisation to study past policies, procedures and the working environment to ensure only the positive points are carried forward and implemented for overall growth. 

2. Reviewing Contracts: Our team of experts look into every minute detail of employment contracts and ensure they are in compliance with the labour laws in Dubai. 

3. Advising candidate(s) & company about the visa procedures: We ensure all our employees have a relevant and valid employment visa and required documents to avoid any distress to the company or the candidate. A thorough check and assistance is provided to candidates in need of the service.

There you have it, we are not just another HR consultancy service provider in Dubai, we offer an exquisite workforce that will help fulfil all your HR needs. 


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Bookkeeping is a vital part of accountancy. If you want to have an accurate view of your business finances then your Sigma account must be up to date each month. Once your account is up to date, you’ll know exactly how much tax you owe and the amount of dividends you can take from your company. Your account must be up to date for us to be able to produce important documents such as your annual accounts, personal income (on Form P11D(b) and Form P60) and to complete your annual Self Assessment Tax Return. You might also need to bring your accounts up to date to apply for a loan or a mortgage.

This will really depend on your on the size of your organisation and your needs – we’ll look at the number of transactions and help you decide the amount of bookkeeping support you need. This will be based on how many bank accounts, or credit cards you use and how many monthly transactions you record as a business.

We’ll complete the bookkeeping necessary to reconcile your company’s accounts up to the end of its accounting period. Our expert accountants will then prepare your Accounts for you to review and when approved we’ll submit them to HMRC and Companies House in the shortest possible time. The cost and timescales will be confirmed to you in a personal quote.