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Accounting & Book Keeping

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SIA Accounting& Auditing LLC combines a team of experts, systematized process and procedures and the very latest technology to meet the unique needs of client business. We are fully responsible for managing your daily entry of accounting transactions that covers vendor bills, customer invoices, bill payments, customer payments and deposits, other disbursements and withdrawals. Book keepers record financial transactions, update statements and check financial records for accuracy. We mainly deals with accounts receivables, account payables, expenditures receipts, cash account ledgers, profit& loss account and provide daily or weekly reports on these and other areas of business management. We follow a systematic computerized system of book keeping, using specialized accounting software, spread sheets and databases so that information can be stored and retrieved electronically. We are also deals with handling payroll, billing, purchasing and keeping track of overdue bills. SIA Accounting& Auditing LLC will be your best problem solving partners, may be just what you need to reach your business goals of growth and debt reduction.

Other areas covers include:

  • Calculation of interest and investments
  • Managing business repayments
  • Maintaining a journal of asset depreciation
  • Setting aside money for corporation tax
  • Producing invoices
  • Monitoring purchase orders
  • Chasing debtors for payment
  • Producing aged debtors and aged creditors report
  • Paying in checks from customers
  • Paying suppliers and creditors, such as HM Revenue & Customs