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How to select an audit firm for my business?

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A Certified Public Accountant (CPC) meets the legal requirements to act as an external auditor. If you choose an audit firms in Dubai for your business, make sure that selected audit firm must have authorized professionals by having certification.

However, we also suggest inquiring about other characteristics that can make the difference between a suitable firm for your company and one that is not so.


The professional experience that the members of an audit firm have had, will speak about the areas in which they have more knowledge. But above all, before committing to one, you must know what the firm’s experience in audits is: in which industries or fields they have specialized, what cases they have handled, under what guidelines they are handled, and so on.

This will help you determine if one firm is the right to work hand in hand with your company or if another would be more suitable for your business needs.


Reputation is a primary element in choosing external auditors. This is the feedback that past clients have made regarding your services, work ethic and expertise.  If the reputation is positive, it will generate a higher degree of trust towards the organization.


When it comes to auditors, ethics are paramount. They must be impartial persons, governed under a legal framework, whose final function is to provide a sustained, qualified and reliable opinion about the specific internal or financial situation.

The easiest way to detect this is through the company’s first meetings, if it seems that they are not ethically conducting things, it is not the firm with which you want to work.


It is stipulated that for an auditor to work externally with a business, there must be no labor or personal ties that could interfere with the objectivity of the report to be issued. It is important to consider the importance of the lack of links to make an appropriate selection. is one of best auditing firm in Dubai which is known for its best audit services.